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On November 20 this year, the time has come, then the controversial World Cup 2022 will begin in Qatar. Initially, it was planned that other games would take place before the official opening match between Qatar and Ecuador. This plan has now been scrapped and the kick-off has been brought forward by one day.

In total, soccer fans can look forward to up to four matches per day during the group stage. Therefore, World Cup betting will once again be in high demand. For this reason, you can find the best 2022 World Cup bookmakers in our bookmaker comparison.

In addition, we will also keep you up to date on the World Cup bonus promotions of the providers.

World Cup bet Bitcoin

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is now getting closer and closer, and soccer fans can already feel this in the tightly scheduled match schedules and the short summer break. Even if the tournament is viewed critically due to some justified criticism of the host country, numerous fans will still follow the tournament in the end.

At the latest when Lionel Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Co. start again, even the biggest critics will probably be fans again. And also World Cup betting will be a big topic for many again, so we have collected all the information about the tournament and can also recommend World Cup bookmakers.

World Cup betting Bitcoin

The qualifying rounds for the 2022 World Cup have already been tough, with a few matches still to come. It was quite noticeable that not all of the supposed favorites and welcome World Cup guests were able to qualify. Among others, well-known nations such as the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria have already failed to qualify in Africa.

While Colombia and Chile were also surprisingly eliminated in South America, the biggest sensation was probably in the European qualifying round. In addition to the disqualification of Russia, the Italians sensationally failed to qualify against North Macedonia. In the end, Italy did not face Portugal in the deciding match, and the Portuguese qualified against North Macedonia.

World Cup bookmakers Bitcoin

The result of the past years was always that especially at the big tournaments like World Cup or European Championship some offers are waiting for betting friends. According to experience, you could get the maximum out of your World Cup bets here and profit especially with many a World Cup betting provider.

Now the World Cup in Qatar is slowly but surely approaching, accordingly the bookmakers are slowly preparing. So that you can stay up to date and secure the best promotions, you can find all offers for the World Cup with us. No matter if you are looking for the best World Cup bonus, the most attractive World Cup odds or a big World Cup bookmaker comparison, you will get help here.

World Cup bets Bitcoin

Now we come to our big World Cup bookmaker comparison. After all, we want you to enjoy the best possible betting experience with your World Cup 2022 bets. That’s why we have compared all betting providers licensed in Germany thanks to German licenses. For this purpose, we have defined a number of criteria in advance and evaluated the providers as objectively as possible.

The decisive factor here was not only the most attractive World Cup betting bonus. We also evaluated which bookmaker offers the best World Cup odds. We also took into account whether the bookmaker is known for special World Cup promotions. In addition to these specific World Cup criteria, we have also taken into account basic factors such as customer service. We hope that this will help you find the right bookmaker for the World Cup.

World Cup betting sites Bitcoin

A decisive factor when choosing a bookmaker for the World Cup can of course also be the betting odds. Of course, these differ in their attractiveness from bookmaker to bookmaker. In addition, with one bookmaker you have to bear the taxes yourself, whereas other bookmakers take over these for their customers.

Since we know that for some of you the World Cup odds are the most important criterion when choosing a World Cup bookmaker, we have prepared an overview of the bookmakers with the best World Cup 2022 odds for you. In addition, you will find in our overview on the info, whether it is a bookmaker without tax or not.

Best World Cup betting sites Bitcoin

Another important factor when choosing a bookmaker is always the sports betting bonus. Of course, every betting bonus should be considered as a welcome gift. However, in the end, some offers are better than others, which is why a sports betting bonus comparison is worthwhile.

Also with regard to your World Cup bets, it is worth taking a look at a bookmaker comparison, if the sports betting bonus is important to you. If this is the case, then you will certainly find a suitable World Cup betting bonus in our following overview. In addition, it will be clearly explained how you can secure a bonus.

World Cup betting odds Bitcoin

Some of you will surely have wondered by now which World Cup bets we are actually talking about all the time. After all, we have now shed more light on many exciting things, but which World Cup bets are there actually? What betting options do you have as a betting fan now at all?

This is exactly the question we want to answer now, because of course there are many more betting markets and betting options than the classic three-way bet. Even before the tournament, you can bet diligently and, for example, place a long-term bet on the winner. There are often good World Cup favorites odds for this. But even beyond that, there are still exciting betting opportunities.

World Cup betting Bitcoin Bitcoin

The start of the 2022 World Cup, hosted by Qatar, is getting closer every day. Those who are now interested in signing up with a World Cup bookmaker and placing one or the other World Cup bet should not forget about some features. Because with some exciting World Cup features like a World Cup configurator, convincing cashout options or even tax-free World Cup soccer bets, the tournament can be even more fun.

Betting World Cup Bitcoin

64 games with single bets, plus a huge selection of long-term odds – betting heart, what more do you want?

The 2022 World Cup will be – despite all the criticism – a true soccer festival for the friends of sports betting, who can enjoy a plethora of World Cup bets and odds.

Already in the classic “league everyday life” betting markets in the three-digit range are available. For a major event like the 2022 World Cup, there are even more!

Here we give all betting enthusiasts, and of course those who want to become one, an overview of the most popular sports bets for the 2022 World Cup. All bet types are also explained in detail.


Best World Cup betting odds Bitcoin

  • Result 1×2: Probably the best known World Cup bet is the one on the final result. It is also the favorite of less experienced tipsters due to its simplicity.
  • Accurate result: Meanwhile, you need great expertise or just a lot of luck to predict the right result.
  • Winning margin: Close games are the order of the day at the World Cup. Especially in the knockout rounds, it can pay to predict a one-goal lead.
  • Half-time score: early starters or comeback kings? When such teams are involved, a bet on the halftime score or the halftime/final score variant can intrude.
  • Handicap betting: This form of betting is available in all sorts of markets. The most famous of them are goal handicaps, but equally they are possible for corner kicks and the like.
  • Goal betting: Who will score how many goals in the match or a half? Will both teams score?
  • Double Chance: If there is a favorite, but you do not want to exclude a draw, the bet “Double Chance” is recommended.
  • Player betting: Will a certain player score the first goal? Will the center forward score at all in the game or even score a hat trick?
  • Corners: You bet on the number of corners in the match, by individual teams or in individual halves in the World Cup.
  • Other events: Is there a penalty in the game? Plus betting on cards and so on.

Crypto betting World Cup Bitcoin

An important part of the 2022 World Cup will again be long-term bets, which you usually place before the tournament. But even if the final round is already underway, you can do just that.

You have already found the World Cup odds for the most important long-term bet “Who will be the World Champion in 2022? But other bets, which are settled after a longer period of time, also have their appeal.

Here is a compact selection of World Cup 2022 bets for the course of the tournament – from advancing from the group stage to the round of 16, to the final pairing, to the top scorer and Germany special World Cup 2022 bets.

World Cup betting with Bitcoin

A total of 32 World Cup participants will play for the World Cup title in Qatar in 2022. Germany was the first nation after the host to qualify for the finals.

With 13 participants, UEFA has the largest contingent at the World Cup. The OFC is the only continental association without a participant.

The following teams are participating:

Host Qatar














South Korea


Saudi Arabia















Costa Rica

World Cup betting online Bitcoin

In a small country like Qatar, the teams can expect a World Cup of short distances – at least something in spite of all the criticism that has been leveled at the Arab nation. For example, there will be only eight stadiums, which in turn will be divided among five World Cup venues.

The country’s largest stadium will also host the final: The Lusail Stadium in Lusail City holds a total of 80,000 fans.

The newly built arena (in the also new city) will even host a total of ten (!) games – from the group stage, through the eighth, quarter and semifinals, and the final.

In addition to Lusail City, games are played in Qatar’s capital Doha, ar-Rayyan, al-Wakra and al-Chaur. The latter has a population of just 90,000, but a stadium with a capacity of 60,000.

The match schedule of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The 2022 World Cup will begin on November 20. The opening match will be between the host team Qatar and Ecuador.

The group stage lasts until December 2. Except for the opening day and Day 2, four matches will be played every day in the preliminary round.

From December 3 to 6, the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup will take place. There will be two matches every day. On December 9 and 10, the World Cup quarterfinals are scheduled. The four matches are spread over the two days.

The 2022 World Cup semifinals will take place on December 13 and 14. The losers will play in the third-place match on Saturday, December 17. The semifinal winners will play for the World Cup title in the 2022 World Cup Final on Sunday, December 18.

The favorites of the 2022 World Cup

Who are the favorites at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

For the experts, soccer fans and bookmakers stand out on the long List of der world champions favorites 2022 four teams in particular stand out:

Brazil, No. 1 in the FIFA world rankings, France as defending champions, England as finalists in the 2021 European Championship and with perhaps the most expensive squad of all 32 teams, and Argentina as reigning Copa America winners.

Close behind in the World Cup 2022 betting are the teams of Spain (European Championship 2021 semi-finalist) and Germany.

According to the 2022 World Cup winner odds, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium (second in the FIFA World Ranking!) are also counted among the co-favorites.

Croatia, the finalist and runner-up in the 2018 World Cup, does not appear in the top 10 in the World Cup odds for the World Cup title before the start of the tournament. As a result, the Croats will only enter the World Cup race as underdogs, as they were four years ago.

This is also true for Denmark, although the Danes are in the top 10 in the world rankings. However, in the World Cup 2022 odds for the world title the team of Denmark is not listed so far ahead.